SonaSpray "fc" White- Texture Museum Kortrijk

Texture Museum of Flax

Texture is a museum in Kortrijk, Belgium, which celebrates the culture and history of the linen and flax industry the region is known for. The museum is appropriately located within a former flax seed depository, and is divided into three distinct sections: The Wonder Room, The Lys Room and The Treasury Room- each dedicated to a unique aspect of flax.

Texture was designed by noArchitecten and Madoc. In order to effectively convert the historic seed depository into a modern museum, Acoustical Treatment was key. For this reason, an application of SonaSpray “fc” in Arctic White was sellected, and applied to the original vaulted ceiling. SonaSpray “fc” absorbs echo, reverberation and excessive noise, which would have otherwise been prevelent in a space of this type. The application also provides high light reflectivity and is used to enhance daylighting.

VlasMuseum-02For Museums, Science Centers, Art Galleries, Exhibition Spaces, and more, the importance of acoustical design cannot be over emphasized. The control of reverberation time is key to maintain both speech intelligibility and background noise control. SonaSpray “fc” is Class I fire rated, meeting all local and state code requirements. SonaSpray “fc” is available in White, Arctic White, and Black, and can be produced in custom matched, integral colors. This product provides an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects. Typical applications include: Worship Centers, Theatres, Educational Faciliites, Concert Venues, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Terminals, Retail Centers, and Libraries.