International Cellulose Corporation's thermal and acoustical products are installed with specialized equipment by an international network of certified applicators supported through continuous technical training, documentation, and follow-up service programs to achieve consistent, predictable results. The equipment featured here is only available to certified ICC Installers. For more information on the certification process, please contact us.

Ranger 7 ICC Spray Application Package

Ranger 7 Package

Standard Features

Ranger 7

  • 200’ Remote cord with 3 Position Switch

AR-200 Liquid Pump

  • 3hp/220v Single Phase 60hz Motor
  • 450 PSI @ 9.0 Gallons Per Minute
  • Intake Filter Assembly Included

MT-300 Mixer/Transfer Pump

  • ¾hp/110v 60hz
  • Removable Transfer Hose for Mixing

NA-800 Single Jet Spray Nozzle

  • Includes NA 805 Standard Jet
  • High Pressure Valve and Pressure Gauge

High Pressure Liquid Line

  • 200’ ½” I.D. 600 PSI Working Pressure
  • Fittings for AR-200 Pump and NA-800 Nozzle Attachment

Fiber hose

  • 200’ 2½” I.D. Smooth Bore Hose
  • Matching Both Ranger 7 and NA – 800 Nozzle